HiBit Uninstaller : Completely Removes Installed Programs from Windows

Despite the extensive documentation prepared by Microsoft, some developers just don’t listen and create installers for their programs that leave behind so many files and registry entries even after these programs have been uninstalled.

HiBit Uninstaller is a free program that addresses this issue in Windows and can not only help remove the programs from your PC, but it can also remove the leftover entries and files from the system. This ensures that you have completely got rid a software from your PC and it has not created orphan links or left behind a ton of files that otherwise waste your storage space.

HiBit Uninstaller is available as a portable program with a same familiar interface as the classic “Programs and Features” applet from the Control Panel of Windows 7. It displays all the installed programs in your PC as they are listed in the Windows’ registry. For each of the program, it displays the program name, the installation date,  the size occupied on the hard drive, and any comments available for the those programs. As you select a program, more information is displayed near the bottom of the HiBit Uninstaller window.

HiBit Uninstaller

You can right-click on any of the installed programs and choose to uninstall them (this runs the uninstalled provided by the developer), force remove it (this will cause HiBit Uninstaller to scan and remove the entries and files by itself), or delete the entries (this removes all the entries from the Windows’ registry related to that program). You can also search for the program through Google, open the installation folder or launch Registry Editor to see the related entries.

HiBit Uninstaller

We tested the software under various conditions. We created a simple uninstaller for our test program. This uninstaller removed only files without removing the registry entries. HiBit Uninstaller was smart to detect this and instantly informed us that something is wrong with the uninstaller process and that it has not removed the registry entries. It offered to remove these entries.

HiBit Uninstaller

Next we removed the uninstaller file altogether which made HiBit Uninstaller give a “Force Removal” option. Using this option, HiBit Uninstaller was able to correctly find all the shortcuts, files and registry entries and removed them carefully from the system.

HiBit Uninstaller

Verdict: HiBit Uninstaller is an impressive program for completely removing programs from Windows. It cleans up all the left behind files and other items from your system even if the intended uninstaller for a program has failed to work.

You can download HiBit Uninstaller from http://hibitsoft.ir/Uninstaller.html.

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