WinBubble : Customization and Tweaking Tool for Windows

From the time Windows 95 was first released to the present times, users have always needed third party customization tools and tweaking software for change the appearance and behavior of their Windows PC. In the past, Norton Utilities and McAfee Nuts & Bolts used to be very popular. Now we have a number of freeware and open-source utilities for PC customization and tweaking such as WinBubble.

WinBubble is a freeware customization tool that helps you tinker with a number of things in your Windows operating system. It was first released for Windows Vista, but new versions are able to work with Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

The tabbed user interface lets you find the settings and options easily from carefully picked tabs. In the “General” tab, you can change the OEM Info (just like our OEM Info Tool), you can enable/disable various things in the right-click context menu for the File Explorer, you can also add more icons to the Desktop like they used to be in earlier versions of Windows.

In the “Specific” tab, you are given many options to customize the screensavers that are included in all versions of Windows. In the “Icons” tab, you can choose custom icons for various shortcuts and objects for Windows. The “Windows 7” tab is meant only for Windows 7 users and can help you customize the welcome screen, logon backgrounds etc.


The “Security” tab helps you tighten the security of your system by some simple and well known methods such as disabling the USB drives (prevents malware infection from pendrives), set UAC to a stricter level, hide drives from File Explorer and make changes to Internet Explorer settings.

There are many more optimization and customization options available for all versions of Windows. Before you apply the changes, WinBubble creates a system restore point so that you can undo the changes if you don’t like the result. All the changes made by WinBubble take effect only upon system restart.

You can download WinBubble from


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