yWriter : Editor for Organized Novel Writing Projects

I will not pretend to be a novelist but I finished a short course on story writing back when I was in senior year of the high school. From that course, I have a basic understanding about how difficult the task of writing a story is – you have to develop characters, keep the story line conflict free from one scene to another and at the same time make it interesting for the readers. You can use the traditional editors such as Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer for writing your novels and stories, but for a much more organized and goal oriented writing, you can use free yWriter editor.

yWriter is a free word processor specially designed for novel writers that can break your novel into chapters and scenes so that you can keep track of the storyline easily and you can focus on your creative work. The application might look a little daunting at first, but it will be very easy to compose your novels once you start using yWriter. You start by creating a new project and adding chapters. For each of the chapters, you can add a title, a description and the list of characters that take part in it. Each chapter can be divided into various scenes and for each scene you can enter the content using an in-built word processor.

yWriter Word Processor for Novelists

This software tracks your progress daily and tells you how many words, scenes and chapters you have been adding every day. You can add goals for finishing a chapter in a specific time and it will show you alerts if you fail to complete this objective. You can have an overview of the entire novel using the storyboard view which grows much larger as you keep adding chapters and scenes to your novel project.

yWriter is a professional and productive word processor that can be very helpful for the novel writers. It is portable and can be used on any Windows PC. The features are specially designed to help you keep motivated as you write your novel and lets you complete the novel in limited time frame.

You can download yWriter http://www.spacejock.com/yWriter6.html.