Auto-Fill Passwords in Sites and Apps with Norton Password Manager for Android

Norton Password Manager for Android is an easy to use and very strong vault based password manager. It keeps all of your stored credentials, notes, credit cards/debit cards and addresses into a cloud based secure and encrypted vault. You can manually add as many items as you want to your vault but it is also able to automatically save your credentials as you use them in various apps. It comes with the popular Norton password generator that is able to generate very strong but easy to remember passwords for you.

While Norton Password Manager is available for various platforms (Windows, Android and iOS) and also as web browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox, Its mobile app version is the easiest to use. The Android version of Norton Password Manager even allows you to enter the stored credentials in all the other apps helping you easily sign-in to your favorite apps without having to painstakingly type your complicated passwords.

Norton Password Manager

Norton Password Manager uses your Norton account and it is able to sync all of your stored credentials across all the devices on which you have installed Norton Password Manager or Norton Identity Safe using the same Norton account. Using this syncing feature, you can use store the credentials form the ease of a desktop computer and use them conveniently on a mobile device.

It comes with a build in web browser, which is useful to access websites for which you have stored your login information. This special web browser can enter your login information in a very smart way even if you have not entered the proper login webpage address. Besides the web browser, it also has a strong password generator that helps you choose strongest of the passwords.

Norton Password Manager

In order to keep your data safe, the Password Manager vault password and PIN are set separately from your Norton account password. So even if some hacker gets hold of your Norton account password, they still cannot access your login credentials right away.

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