Touch VPN : Fast, Free, Unlimited VPN for All Platforms

Touch VPN is a free VPN service for all the popular platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS. It is also available as a web browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox so you can use it virtually on all the operating systems that support any of these two web browsers.

Unlike other VPN services, Touch VPN provided unlimited bandwidth to all the users. You can keep using it day and night, but it will keep working as there is no bandwidth usage limit. If you are thinking that while the bandwidth is unlimited, it might give very slow download speeds then you will be surprised to see that it gives download speeds of more than 5 Mbps which is enough to watch shows on Netflix or Hulu.

If you have used some of the other VPN services, then you know they all ask you to first create an account which basically required entering all your personal details and the verification of your email address. But Touch VPN does not require you to create any accounts before you can use it. You can install the web browser extension or the mobile app and it is ready to be used. Just touch/click on the “Connect” button and you are connected to the VPN server.

Touch VPN

Touch VPN offers many VPN server locations from all across the world. You can either choose the “Best Choice” for VPN server when connecting to the VPN, or you can pick one of the servers available at your location. At the time of writing, there were seven servers available for use located in the United States, Canada, France, Russian Federation, Germany, Netherlands and United Kingdom.

Touch VPN

Apart from anonymizing your computer by masking your real IP address, Touch VPN also blocks malware and trackers. You can enable or disable these options from Touch VPN interface on mobile apps and by clicking on the Touch VPN icon in case of the browser extensions. There are also options to always enable VPN for selected websites – if you browse these websites, the VPN will be activated automatically.

Touch VPN

Touch VPN provides fast and secure VPN servers for all the popular platforms. It encrypts your network connection (it boasts of banking level encryption) so that you can access the internet both anonymously and securely.

You can get Touch VPN mobile apps, desktop apps or browser extensions from