Beeftext Saves Time by Auto-Pasting Text Snippets

If you work involves sitting in front of your computer screen and typing lots of time, then you know how many times we have to type the same phrase or text snippets over and over again. Whether you are a programmer, a blogger or a helpdesk employee, you have to type the same thing multiple times for different tasks. You can make your life a tad easier by using Beeftext software.

Beeftext takes care of typing repetitive text in a very intuitive manner. Using this free software, you can insert frequently used phrases quickly and easily into any application that allows copy/pasting of text such as Windows Notepad or Microsoft Word. And you do not even have to use any hotkey for this. Beeftext detects user configured keywords and replaces them with text snippets.


In the Beeftext configuration, you can create groups for various text snippets, and add combos under these groups. Combo means combination of a keyword with a text snippet. Now whenever you type that keyword in any application, it will be quickly replaced with the text snippet in the combo for that keyword and a sound is played.


In the settings for Beeftext, you can choose automatic combo triggering or manual triggering. For the manual trigger, you have to use a hotkey in order to tell Beeftext to look for the combo keyword and replace it with the associated text snippet.

Beeftext can save your time and can also bring you whole lot of convenience. The things that you have to type over and over again, for instance, greetings and farewells in e-mail messages, addresses or quotes that you use again and again. With the free application Beeftext you can save yourself the trouble of typing some of the redundant, repetitive and mundane text snippets.

You can download Beeftext from