Change Windows Colors with Classic Color Panel

From Windows 95 to Windows 7, over a span of more than fifteen years, Microsoft Windows included a “Windows Color and Appearance” control panel using which you could change the colors of every single part of the windows – buttons, title bar, active window, inactive window etc. Starting from Windows 8, Microsoft decided to remove these settings and now you cannot change the color and appearance like you used to in Windows 7 or older versions of Windows.

If you miss the old “Windows Color and Appearance” panel, then you can use the third-party freeware called Classic Color Panel. This free tool can help you change the change the color of the various window elements such as buttons, title bar and menu bars etc. In fact, it displays options to change the colors of thirty one items in the same window. You can click on the small selection button next to an item, click on the color to select a new color and then click on Apply to make the changes. If you want to change the colors of many items, then you can change the color of all these items before hitting the Apply button.

Classic Control Panel

If you are afraid of changing the colors out of fear that you won’t be able to return back to the normal color,s then put your fears to rest. Classic Color Panel offers more than one way to change the colors back to the default values. First of all it offers to save the color settings in form of a REG file upon first launch. And if you forget to save the settings, then you can just click on the Default option from within the Classic Color Panel to return the settings.

Even though this tool uses the same way of changing some registry values as the original “Windows Color and Appearance” control panel, it might not have the same effect as new versions of Windows have removed some of the functionality. But it can still manage to change many of the colors in your Windows appearance.

You can download Classic Color Panel from