Five Best Online Strong Password Generators

It is not easy to think of a very strong password all by yourself and this is why many smart people turn to password generator web apps. These web apps are able to generate very strong passwords for your use. You can use them not only when you are creating new accounts for various services, but you can also use them to change your existing passwords at regular intervals.

Here is a list of five best password generator web apps from some of the reputed software developers:

  1. Norton Password Generator – Created by the well known security firm, Symantec, this password generator is actually a past of their product – Norton Identity Safe. From the options, you can chose the length of password, include letters, include mixed case, include numbers, include punctuation and the quantity of the passwords you want. Clicking on the “Generate Passwords” will give you a list of generated passwords.Norton Password Generator
  2. Avast Password Generator – The most popular free antivirus software wants you to always use strong passwords that cannot be guessed or bruteforced. You can include uppercase, lowercase, special characters and the numerals to generate the password of your chosen length. It can be copied to the clipboard. It generates only one password at a time.Avast Password Generator
  3. LastPass Password Generator – LastPass is a password manager app that works on all the popular platforms. It also offers a password generator web app that is able to generate strong password including uppercase, lowercase, numbers or symbols. It is able to create passwords that are easy to speak, easy to read or includes all characters from the selected character sets.LastPass Password Generator
  4. Dashlane Password Generator – Dashlane is another popular and very comprehensive password manager for various platforms. It offers a password generator that can create passwords of any selected lengths containing letters, digits or symbols. It displays how strong  a passwords is and allows you to copy it to the clipboard.Dashlane Password Generator
  5. RoboForm Password Generator – RoboForm helps automatically filling up details on websites forms. They offer a very advanced password generator. You can select the password length, the character sets, the number of digits, and tell it to exclude similar looking characters (like 0 and o). It can also create random hexadecimal strings.RoboForm Password Generator

Using any of these password generators, you are sure to have a very strong password for your use provided that you generate a password of length more than 8 characters and include all the character sets for generating the passwords.