Deceit : Free Horror Game for Halloween on Steam

Deceit is a free horror game available on Steam. In the game you are inside a facility along with other players who may or may not be infected with a virus. This virus turns them into deadly vampires in the dark and gives them special powers like the ability to see in the dark. The game becomes interesting because nobody knows who is infected until you see them feeding on the blood bags meant for patients.

If you are an innocent player (not infected), then your goal is to escape from this facility without being attacked by any of the vampires. But if you are infected yourself, then your goal is to keep feeding on blood supply and prevent anyone from escaping from this facility.

It is a multiplayer game and you can collaborate with other players to make a strategy to either escape or to prevent others from escaping. This is where the game becomes interesting as it is designed to make you confused and distrust others. You cannot hide from anyone as the game world is divided into three zones and created in such a way that it always ensures that your fellow players and you get together. Useful items are sparse and you have to explore with each other how they are distributed.

Deceit Horror Game

Ultimately, you have to decide whether you would rather work together as a team and who you trust, or if you would rather be on your own and avoid any potential obstacle. In the last zone, those infected turn into strong super vampires or zombies, and the transformation gives them some advantages over the innocent. For example, you can see better and move faster.

To celebrate the Halloween day, the developers have released a new Halloween map for the game. This new map and other packs are also available for free from Steam.

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