Cry of Fear : Steam Offers Free Horror Game for Halloween

Halloween is the time of the year when everyone wears scary masks, enjoys watching the horror movies and playing scary games. This Halloween, you can enjoy the Halloween movie and if you are a gamer then you can get yourself a free horror game “Cry of Fear” for free from Steam.

If you have ever played the old classic “House of the Dead” series of games, then you will find yourself in a familiar surroundings. Cry of Fear is a psychological thriller complete with spooky sounds and terrifying atmosphere. You act as a young man who is grappling his way through a deserted town trying to find what actually happened. In the nightmarish place you come across many zombies, demons and other frightening characters that can make your heart stop as they appear on your screen. This game is clearly not for the faint of heart.

Cry of Fear

Unlike some other free games, “Cry of Fear” is not a small game that offer only 2-3 levels before showing the screen rolls – it is completely opposite of a small game and offers many different levels that you can keep playing for eight hours at a stretch. The game does not always have the same outcome and offers many different endings. This makes it a really good game for replaying later on as you would never know what to expect.

Various different mods for the game are available through a vast game fan community, there are multiple unlockable items, and after you have finished playing the game you get to play one more surprise level. But before you reach the final surprise campaign, you have to go through a lot of terrifying atmosphere. This game is surely going to make your Halloween a little bit more spooky.

You can download “Cry of Fear” from Steam :