FastKeys : Automation Software for Windows Saves Time

Working on the computers everyday, we have to repeat so many phrases so many times that it becomes a totally mind-numbing experience. Some people keep a text file with prepared phrases to be copy-pasted in all different situations. One of my co-workers once showed me how she kept Microsoft Excel database of all the phrases and codes that are used very often. If you want to avoid wasting time repeating the same tasks and typing the same phrases all day long, then you can use the FastKeys software.

FastKeys is an automation software that can make life easy for all the people who have to work with computers everyday. It can automatically insert phrases, it can record macros for all your mouse and keyboard actions, it provides easy hotkeys to automated tasks (such as changing audio playback device or capturing screen and pasting it in MS Paint), it also provides a simple menubar with essential and customizable shortcuts.

This simple start menu appears when you touch the top-edge of your screen or when you move the mouse pointer near the top-edge of the screen. This menu contains shortcuts to open websites, launch programs, insert some most frequently used phrases, manage the clipboard history and also carry out power actions such as shutting down Windows.


If you double-click on the FastKeys icon in the system tray, it displays the configuration window. In this window, you can configure Text Expander which is a feature to expand a few letters into full phrases. For example, if you type “kr” followed by a space, it will automatically expand “kr” into “kind regards”. You can customize the simple start menu, you can change or add the hotkeys for carrying out a complex task, and also add screen gestures to take some actions (for example, gestures to control the volume or minimize the window).


If you want to record a series of actions into a macro, then you can use the F11 and F12 keys to record and playback the macros. This will take care of some of the redundant tasks that you have to do in everyday computing.

FastKeys is a complete automation software that packs all the most wanted automation features like inserting text phrases, recording macros, assigning hotkeys and using gestures to carry out complex and multi-steps tasks easily in a fraction of a second.

You can download FastKeys from