WakeupOnStandBy : Automatically Restore Windows from Standby Mode

Many organizations and businesses keep their computers running for days and weeks without ever shutting them down for the simple reason that they want these computers to be always ready for use. You can sit down in front of them, tap on the keyboard and the screen comes alive. But running computers all the time in this manner usually results in the waste a lot of power.

You can save all this wasted power using a free tool called WakeupOnStandBy. This software can be used to put your Windows computers to the sleep, hibernate or the standby mode while at the same time scheduling your PC to automatically wake up at a specific time.

WakeupOnStandBy is a portable program and works for all versions for Windows from Windows XP to Windows 10. In its one window user interface, you can find all the options required for it to work. You can select the date and time when you want your computer to wake up, whether you want to turn on the screen at wake up, whether you want to repair network at wake up etc. If you want to run commands or scripts at wake up then you can specify.


After this, you can choose the mode that you want to activate – sleep or hibernate. You can also choose to shutdown, or log off your PC. You can specify which commands, programs or scripts you would want to run before activating these modes. You can choose the repeat frequency for these tasks (if you want to take the selected power action (shutdown, hibernate etc) on your PC everyday or on specific days of the week) and then click on the Start button. This will process all the tasks you have specified and then take the power action (sleep, hibernate, shutdown, log off). As per your settings, this PC will automatically wake up at the scheduled time and does not require any input from the user.

WakeupOnStandBy can be useful for businesses where they do not want to manually turn on their computers everyday but still want to save the power consumed when the computers are not expected to be used.

You can download WakeupOnStandBy from https://dennisbabkin.com/wosb/.

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  1. Hi,

    Well done in creating such an app-it is the best I’ve found for a program suitable for my pc. However,I would like to find an easier way in waking up a computer whenever I want to, (that is without setting a time beforehand),as I’m encountering problems in enabling Wake on Lan on my computer,probably as my router does not support Wake on Lan. Is it possible to do this through this app?

    Many thanks and kind regards,


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