How to Enable or Disable Game Bar in Windows 10

Microsoft had added many goodies for the gamers in Windows 10. PC gamers will be delighted to see that Windows 10 now has a game mode and game bar both which are designed to maximize the gaming experience on your Windows PC. The game mode is a feature in Windows 10 that automatically detects when you are playing a full-screen game and switches to the game mode where the game can make the most of your system resources. It displays notification when you are entering or leaving the game mode. Similarly, the game bar is also a feature that helps gamers record gameplay, take screenshots and broadcast your gameplay over some of the streaming services such as Twitch.

When you want to view this game bar, you can press the hotkey Win+G  and Windows will show a small bar with all the options to record and broadcast. But if you do not play games and use your Windows PC for work, then you can disable this game bar altogether. Here is how:

  1. Press the hotkey Win+I to open Windows settings.
  2. Select Gaming category.Enable or Disable Game Bar in Windows 10
  3. Select Game bar and then turn off the option Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar.Enable or Disable Game Bar in Windows 10
  4. Now you cannot launch game bar using the hotkey Win+G or through the Xbox controller.

If you want to enable Game bar again, then you can repeat the same process only enabling the option in the step three above. Even though keeping it enable does not affect a powerful system very much, it can slow down low end computers as the game bar app keeps running in the background. For those low end computer, you can have some extra system resources just by disabling the game bar.