Universal Virus Sniffer : Helps Detect Unknown Malware in Windows

Universal Virus Sniffer is an advanced tool that is able to detect unknown malware, virus, and rootkits. This tool is only for advanced users and should be used only by the people who are highly experienced in the field of computer security and threat prevention. This fact is mentioned in the Universal Virus Sniffer window itself that says in uppercase letters – “FOR ADVANCED USERS ONLY!”, followed by – “Proceed with care!”

The main window that you see upon launching Universal Virus Sniffer offers you to scan a number of different file Windows computer systems – you can load hard drive image, you can connect to a remote computer or select offline Windows root. For scanning the selected system, it can use the user rights of current user, of any other users or it can assume the rights of LocalSystem.

Universal Virus Sniffer

Among the options, you can make it freeze the threads and unload the DLL modules that it finds to be unknown. During the scan, it won’t ask you for confirmation. It just goes ahead and kills the unknown processes, freezes unknown threads and unloads unknown DLLs. And if some malicious program is loading with the File Explorer and is very hard to end, there is an option to load uVS before File Explorer at next Windows reboot.

After the scan has completed, you are shown a list of all the suspicious processes running in your Windows PC. You can right-click on any of these processes to see more options like sending them to malware analysis services, add them to the database or just remove it from your system.

Universal Virus Sniffer

As mentioned earlier, just because Universal Virus Sniffer is detecting a process or file to be suspicious, it does not mean that it is harmful. Removing such harmless files may result in some programs to stop working. For this reason Universal Virus Sniffer should only be used by advanced users who have a backup of the entire system.

You can download Universal Virus Sniffer from http://dsrt.dyndns.org/uvslng.htm