Improve Energy Efficiency in Windows with AutoPowerOptionsOK

If you have to look for the charging adapter over and over again because your laptop is constantly running out of the battery charge, then you have to make a few changes to your Windows settings. For example, you can lower the screen brightness and reduce the idle time after which screen is turned off. But if you want to improve the energy efficiency of your Windows PC further, then you can make use of the freeware program AutoPowerOptionsOK. This small tool can automatically adjust the system settings to make the battery charge last much longer.

AutoPowerOptionsOK is available both as a portable program and also as an installable software. In the user interface, you will see three settings – when to turn off the monitor, when to put computer to the sleep mode, and when to switch the power plans. You can choose to turn off the monitor after there is no mouse input or there is no keyboard input for a specified amount of time.

Similarly, you can choose to put the computer to the sleep mode after there is no mouse input or there is no keyboard input for a specified duration of time. You can also make it display a warning message before the computer is put to the sleep mode. There is also third option to automatically switch the power plans. You can make it switch between two power plans depending on if there were no keyboard or mouse events for a specified period of time.


If you want to disable the whole application for some time (perhaps because you are working on something important and you want to forget all about energy efficiency for a while), then you can select the Disabled check box in the AutoPowerOptionsOK  window.

AutoPowerOptionsOK freeware is a great way to make the most of your laptop battery especially when you are outside and there is no wall socket to plug the battery charger adapter in.

You can download AutoPowerOptionsOK from