Manage Bookmarks Across All Devices with

Almost all the mainstream web browsers like Chrome and Firefox support syncing the bookmarking across various devices which makes it easy for you to bookmark something and later access the same bookmark in some other device. But what if you want to break the web browser barrier and want to be able to store all of your bookmarks in the same place. For this, you can use the free app which is available for Android and iPhone. It is alsos available as browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and as a desktop application for Windows and Mac OS. is a bookmark manager that is able to store bookmarks from all the known web browsers as well as other apps on your phone. After launching the app and signing in to your account, you can create a collection by tapping on the small plus icon. You must create at least one collection before you can add the bookmarks. In the following screenshot, we have created a collection named “Butterfly”.

Whenever you want to bookmark something from a web browser or another app, you can select the “Share” option from that app’s menu. Then from the share screen, you can pick “” from among the list of all the various sharing options.

As you select the option, it will take you to the app screen from where you will be able to select the collection to which this new bookmark is to be added. You can also create a new collection from this screen. As soon a collection is selected, the bookmark is saved to it and the screen displays notification that the new bookmark has been saved. is a cross platform bookmark manager that can store all the bookmarks not only from the web browsers, but also from other apps. You can bookmark articles, photos, videos, presentations and screenshots in the your account and later access them from anywhere.

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