VX Search : Free File Searching Tool for Windows

Microsoft has improved Windows Search continuously over past many updates, but some users find it very limited and desire more features. If you are one of those Windows users, you will find VX Search very useful. VX Search is a feature rich tool for searching files on your computer. It has a very intuitive user interface that is designed to help you sort the various items found as a result of your file search.

The real strength of the VX Search tool lies in the number of search criteria you can apply to find the files. For every search, you can create a search profile. In each of these profiles, you save various filters for searching for files such as filename, file extension, creation date, HEX pattern, EXIF metadata, file attributes, filesize or full path. These profiles can be saved and reused anytime later.

Windows Search keeps looking for files when you initiate a search. But VX Search can stop the search as soon as your file is found. You can also pause the search and continue it later. When files that match your search criteria are found, you can configure it to take some basic file operation actions like copying them to a folder, deleting them, or moving them to a different location.

VX Search

VX Search is able to sort the search results using the filename, file creation date, file type, file size, file extension, and more. The advanced level of sorting  helps quickly find the desired files from the search results. The search results can be exported to an HTML file

Another extremely important feature that can not be omitted is the advanced sorting system of results according to all of these categories that relate to the mentioned filtering. You can save the results list to an HTML file, PDF file or SQL database.

You can download VX Search from https://www.vxsearch.com/.