Play 4K Videos in Windows with Media Player Classic Black Edition

Sony is known for their very high quality GoPro actions cameras and now they have announced their new GoPro Hero 7 models. These cameras, like their predecessors, are able to record the videos in the 4K 60FPS mode which produced very high resolution for the videos. When you play these 4K 60FPS videos in your Windows PC, sometimes they are not handled well by the media player and show lines on the screen. If your media player is having a hard time playing 4K videos in your PC, then Media Player Classic Black Edition (MPC-BE) can be of great help as it can play 4K videos smoothly using the GPU.

Media Player Classic Black Edition (BE) is actually a skinned version of Media Player Classic Home Cinema. While the new skin makes the media player looks very good and it goes very well with the Dark Mode in Windows 10, it is not just a different looking Media Player Classic but it also contains many new features and various bug fixes.

Media Player Classic Black Edition

Just like the VLC Player, MPC-BE is also able to play all media types without having to install any extra media codecs. It displays GPU indicator in the toolbar to show that it is making use of your graphics card to decode and play the videos. Similarly, you can see AUD and SUB labels in the toolbar for a video being played, clicking on these you can pick the audio stream for a language and the subtitles files respectively. If you plan to watch a movie at night and go to sleep afterwards, then you can configure MPC-BE to automatically shutdown Windows after the movie has ended.

Compared to VLC media player, MPC-BE uses fewer system resources making it an ideal media player for the older systems. Furthermore, you will notice that MPC-BE plays videos much smoother than any other media player and it is true even for the 4K videos recorded at 60FPS.

You can download Media Player Classic BE from