Pulseway : Remote System Monitoring and Management Software

If your business has computers that are supposed to be running all the time, even when you are not physically present near them, then you need the help of a remote system management and monitoring software like Pulseway. It is a powerful and free software for remote computer management that can be used to control or manage all the systems running on popular operating systems like Windows, MacOS and different variants of Linux (including Raspbian). You can manage these systems either through a web browser or through dedicated applications that can be installed on Windows Desktop PC, Windows Mobile device, Android phones or iPhone.

Using Pulseway to manage your remote systems is very easy. You can start the remote management in just three steps:

Step 1. Create an account on Pulseway website. The free account is for personal use and allows control of only two systems. The Pro account is not free but you can control an unlimited number of systems and get features like antivirus protection and full backup of files.

Step 2. Install the Pulseway manager agent application. You have to install this on all the systems that you want to monitor or manage remotely. This agent software is available for Windows, Debian Linux, Red Hat Linux, Raspbian and MacOS. After the installation, you have sign-in using your Pulseway account and it will start the service.

Pulseway Remote Management Software

Step 3. Monitor your systems remotely from anywhere. For monitoring and managing your systems from anywhere in the world, just launch a web browser, visit Pulseway website and login to your Pulseway account. All the systems will be listed on the side and it allows you to check the exact state of the computer, for example, the hardware details, memory consumption, CPU usage, hard drive contents, services and processes running on Windows and more.

Pulseway Remote Management Software

You can  run PowerShell and CMD shell commands and scripts, access the file system remotely, install Windows updates, change security settings, run automation scripts, manage installed applications, and also log off, reboot or shutdown the systems.

Pulseway is indeed a very powerful remote management tool that works on all the popular platforms. The application allows you to safely manage and monitor computers using a mobile app or web browser.

You can download Pulseway remote management software from https://www.pulseway.com/.

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  1. In addition to Pulseway, one can also use tools like on premise R-HUB remote support servers, logmein Teamviewer etc. for remotely accessing and managing systems and computers. They work well.

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