TCC/LE : Free Replacement for Windows Command Prompt

It has been many years since Microsoft has given up on any further development of the ages old command prompt in Windows (cmd.exe). This is because they have putting all of their resources in the development of Microsoft PowerShell which is certainly much more powerful in comparison. But if you do not want to learn PowerShell and want to stick out with the old command prompt, then you will find TCC/LE a very interesting and worthy alternative or even replacement for it.

TCC/LE is a free, albeit feature limited, command shell that boasts of hundreds of extra commands and variables on top of all the features that cmd.exe already provides. Some of these commands are really very useful and catapult the ages old command prompt into the modern age. For example, it has commands like FTYPE using which you can set the default programs used to open a particular file type. Another command FREE can quickly displays the total, used and free space on any drive in your PC (no need to use DIR command and calculate in mind). The simple COPY command is able to copy your files to FTP servers as well.

TCC/LE Enhanced Command Prompt

TCC/LE has backward compatibility. This means that all the commands and programs that run in CMD shell will also run in TCC/LE. All of the things that you have learned about Windows command prompt in all these years will not be wasted. You can try all the commands like before. In addition to supporting all the commands from CMD shell (less than 40 commands in total), TCC/LE adds extra commands and gives you the power of 111 commands.

Just like CMD scripts (commonly known as batch script files or just batch files), TCC/LE also supports scripting. In addition to the 111 commands, it offers 140 functions, 97 variables and all the well-known control structures (If-Then-Else, Switch, Do, For loops etc) for creating your batch scripts. You will be able to create much more powerful scripts with TCC/LE.

Conclusion: TCC/LE is a powerful and complete replacement for the old CMD shell in Windows. It comes with a comprehensive help file to guide you with the new and enhanced commands.

You can download TCC/LE from