Switch Audio File Converter : Extract and Convert Audio Streams

Switch is an audio file converter for Windows that supports a larger number of audio file formats to be converted from one format to another. Not only it helps you convert audio files from one format to another, but it can also extract audio streams from video files and convert them to any audio format of your choice.

The user interface of Switch is designed to be very easy for everyone. You begin by clicking on theĀ  add button and adding the audio or video files. You can also add tracks from an audio CD or video files from a video DVD. And if you have your audio file collection stored in a certain folder, then you can select the whole folder.

Switch Audio File Converter

Next you have to choose an output folder which can be anywhere on the local storage or on any portable memory sticks. You can also choose to save the audio files in the same folder where the source files exist. After this, you can choose an output file format from a huge list of formats available. For each of these audio file formats, there are encoder options available using which you can control the quality of audio files being produced.

Switch Audio File Converter

Clicking on the Convert button will start the extraction and conversion process. When the conversion has completed, it will display a notification to the fact and give you options to open the destination folder or to open the files using your default music player application.

Switch Audio File Converter

Switch is not only an extraction or conversion software, it can also playback audio from all the files that you have added to its window. Even for the video files that you have added, it can extract the audio stream and play them back for you.

Switch Audio File Converter

Switch is a very small and very efficient audio file converter. It supports a large number of audio file formats and can also extract audio streams from video files. Unlike some other similar software it is much faster and can perform the conversion in just a few seconds.

You can download Switch audio file converter from https://www.nch.com.au/switch/index.html.

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