500th Video Converter : Lightweight Video Conversion Software

Thanks to media player software like VLC Media Player, not many of use need video conversion just to play video files in our computers. But video conversion is sometimes needed when you are uploading files to video sharing sites that accept file only in a specific format or when you want to save your internet bandwidth by compressing the video files. If you do not want to get confused by those big and flashy video conversion software, then you can try a simple and lightweight video conversion tool called 500th Video Converter.

It is developed by Glorylogic software – the same people who are behind many popular programs like ISO Workshop. The program has a very easy-to-follow user interface. You simple have to add all the video files that you wish to convert, select video profile and click on the Convert button in the toolbar. This will quickly convert the source videos into the selected video format as defined by the profile. However, you can also manually select the video format, video encoder, audio encoder, resolution, framerates and more from the interface.

500th Video Converter

Apart from the conversion of video files into another video format, you can also extract the audio streams from video files. For example, if you a video file of a music video, then you can extract the MP3 audio from this file easily. For this simply select the video from the list and then click on the Extract button. No matter which format the audio stream is encoded inside the video file, it will quickly encode it into MP3 format.

500th Video Converter

For conversion of video files and extraction of audio streams from them, it uses the open-source FFmpeg library. The tools offered by FFmpeg are all command line interface (CLI) tools. On the other hand, 500th Video Converter offers the ease and simplicity of using the GUI for all of your video conversion needs.

You can download 500th Video Converter from http://www.glorylogic.com/video-converter.html.