Captura : Record Screen or Webcam into Video Files

Captura is an open-source software that can capture your screen and webcam to save the recordings into video, audio or image files. It comes with a large number of features and can even record the games as you play them in your PC. The only thing it lacks in is the limitation of the FPS (frames per second) when recording the screen as it can record videos only up to a maximum of 30FPS. In fact, the recommended or optimal FPS for Captura is just 10 FPS.

Captura is not just a screen or web cam recording software. It also works as an audio stream recorder and screenshot capture. You can make it record the audio coming from through the microphone or the webcam. You can also take screenshots of your PC screen in a number of ways. You can find screenshot options by right-clicking on its system tray icon in order to – take fullscreen screenshot, take screenshot of selected rectangular region, and to capture screenshot of a particular window.

Captura - Capture, Record and Livestream

In the main window of Captura, you can choose more settings. You can select the video source, audio source and a video encoder (FFmpeg, GIF, SharpAvi, Stream or Discard). The FFmpeg encoder is used to save the recording to a video file (MP4, WEBM or AVI) on your hard drive, the SharpAvi encoder is for creating MPEG videos, the Stream encoder is to stream the captured video and audio streams to Youtube or Twitch.

It also offers a number of options for taking screenshot. For example, you can save the screenshots to hard drive, copy the screenshots to the clipboard, upload the screenshots to Imgur, or open the screenshots in an image editor.

Captura - Capture, Record and Livestream

With Captura you can take screenshots in many different formats and record videos, audio and webcam images. You can broadcast your PC screen or webcam to Twitch or Youtube. You can even record multiple screens simultaneously and can also record games.

You can download Captura from