Quickly Enable Cloudflare DNS in Android with Cloudflare App

By now everyone knows about Cloudflare public DNS servers that they launched a while back when we posted about how you can enable Cloudflare DNS in Windows. Using Cloudflare DNS public servers in other operating systems like Mac, Linux or Android is not much different. You can manually change the DNS servers in your Android devices and set them to be Cloudflare servers ( an, but now you do not have to do it manually because Cloudflare has released an Android app for setting the DNS server to automatically. After installing this Cloudflare app, you can enable or disable the as your DNS server in just one tap.

This new Cloudflare app for Android does not change the DNS settings in the Android directly, rather it uses a trick of installing a VPN profile. In this VPN profile, the DNS settings are set to point to which is primary Cloudflare public DNS server. Whenever you turn on this VPN profile (through the Cloudflare app), it will direct all of your DNS queries to the Cloudflare servers.

Cloudflare DNS for Android

In the settings for this app, you can change the encryption for the DNS traffic – HTTPS or TLS. In both of these cases, the DNS queries are encrypted and hidden from your internet service provider. From within the app, you can also check the status of the DNS server settings as well and view detailed information like the connectivity test to, whether DNS over HTTPS is enabled or DNS over TLS is enabled, whether IPv4 is working or IPv6 is working, what kind of network you are using and what is your public IP address is.

Cloudflare DNS for Android

This app is great for your Android devices when you are using the mobile data. It is better to set the DNS servers in the WiFi router itself when you are using WiFi network in your home or office.

You can get the Cloudflare mobile app from