EF Startup Manager : Control Auto-Starting Applications in Windows

When you start Windows operating system, many programs are launched by themselves. For example, your antivirus software is launched and you can see its icon in the notification area. While some of these auto-starting applications are needed for the optimal running of your PC, many of the auto-starting programs are not really useful or required. You can disable these unneeded auto-starting applications to make Windows load faster and to free up the system resources taken up by them. Using EF Startup Manager, you can easily control all the auto-starting application in Windows, create new auto-starting entries, edit existing entries, backup or restore all the entries, and more.

When you launch EF Startup Manager, it displays a big list of all the auto-start entries found on your system. On the left side, EF Startup Manager displays all the sections of registry and some special folders where auto-start entries can be placed. You can select any of these sections to explore all the programs starting from those places in your Windows computer. You can disable (and later enable) any of these programs using the checkboxes displayed in-front of them. Similarly, you can delete these entries as well.

EF Startup Manager

You can right-click on any of these entries and it will show you options to disable, enable, delete, run, kill, close that program. If the program is already running, then you can either force close it (kill) or you can request to close it. You can also open these entries in the Windows Registry Editor if you want to examine or manually edit them.

But before you start disabling or deleting any of these entries, you should create a backup of all the entries and EF Startup Manager allows you to backup these entries easily. You can pull down File menu and find all the export options from there. You can export one of the registry sections or all of them to a REG file. Later you can import these entries using the same method only this time you will be using the import function.

EF Startup Manager

EF Startup Manager is not free and shows nags multiple times. While it is a capable startup manager software, there are many alternatives that are free and have many more features like Autoruns from Microsoft.

You can try EF Startup Manager from http://www.efsoftware.com/su/e.htm.