Super Grub2 Disk : Helps Boot Computer When Regular Boot Fails

GRUB is a multi-boot bootloader that can be used to boot into many different operating systems. The newest version of GRUB is 2.02 and is created by GNU. Most people have their first taste of GRUB bootloader when they try to install Linux alongside Windows in dual-boot mode. Usually, Linux installs GRUB on your computer so that you can boot into Linux and Windows through it. Because of GRUB’s remarkable ability to detect various operating systems on different partitions, it can be used to boot into your computer even when regular boot fails due to corruption of bootloader settings. For this, you can use Super Grub2 Disk which is a very small sized rescue disk specially designed to detect all the operating systems installed on a PC and help you boot into them.

Super Grub2 Disk

The ISO image file for Super Grub2 Disk is only 20MB. You can burn it on a blank CD or create a bootable USB drive using a tool like Rufus. When you boot your system using this rescue disk, it will show a GRUB menu from where you can select Detect and show boot methods. This will make it look for all the various boot options available depending on the operating systems installed on your system. After scan is complete, it will show you all the entries found in any boot files or GRUB configuration files etc. It is able to detect Linux, FreeBSD, Mac, Windows and other supported operating systems. You can pick any of these options to boot into the respective operating system or run the respective tool.

Super Grub2 Disk

If it is not able to display the operating system entries that you were looking for, then it could be because of some specific drivers needed to access your hard drive. For this reason, Super Grub2 Disk comes with some of the common disk drivers. You can choose the special options to load these drivers, enable the LVM and RAID support in GRUB to ensure that it searches all the connected storage drives.

Super Grub2 Disk

Super Grub2 Disk is a really useful rescue disk that can save you from all the trouble caused when the bootloader entries go corrupt or are wiped when you try to install Linux in Windows, rendering the computer unbootable. In these scenarios, you can use Super Grub2 Disk to quickly boot into any operating system installed.

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