How to Install Amazon Alexa on Windows 10

Amazon and Microsoft have a cooperation through which their customers are going to benefit a great deal. Through this cooperation, Microsoft has released the Amazon Alexa app for Windows 10 users. Now all the Windows 10 users will be able to use Alexa voice assistant on their computers. However this app is limited only to the latest versions of Windows and cannot be installed on 32-bit editions of Windows 10. Furthermore, the Alexa app is available only to the Windows users residing in Germany, US and UK. And there is also the limitation of hands-free features of Alexa that appear only on some of the “compatible” computers.

You can download and install Alexa app from Microsoft Store after which it will be displayed in the Start menu. You can then either select the Alexa app available in the Start menu or search for “Alexa” by clicking on the Start icon. If your device is compatible for hands-free access, then you can speak “Alexa” and it will start listening to your commands. For the rest of the computers, you will have manually launch Alexa and then give it commands.

Amazon Alexa App for Windows 10

With Alexa app installed on Windows 10, you can do all the things that you would have done with Alexa Echo device. You can check your calendar, create shopping lists, play music from Amazon Prime, read the news, control other Amazon account connected gadgets and much more. However there are some limitations when compared to the physical Amazon Echo device – using the Amazon Alexa app for Windows, you cannot control Spotify for playing music or you cannot control other speech assistants like Microsoft’s Cortana. Perhaps Microsoft and Amazon will add these features in the new versions.

You can download Amazon Alexa app for Windows from Microsoft App Store at