JPhotoTagger : Manage Your Image Collection Easily

It is hard not to snap pictures when you have a powerful camera built inside your smartphone. No matter where you go, you find yourself snapping pictures of people, places and other things. This is why it doesn’t matter that you are a hobbyist with iPhone X or a professional photographer with Cannon EOS 6D Mark II, you end up with a large collection of pictures on your memory card. And if you keep storing these pictures on your computer’s hard drive in order to free up the storage space on your smartphone or memory cards, then you could have thousands of pictures on your hard drive. So many thousands of pictures could become totally unmanageable without the help of a proper software like JPhotoTagger.

The free JPhotoTagger program is developed using Oracle Java and this is why it is platform independent program that works on Windows, Mac and Linux. This free photo management software helps you manage your picture collection using tags. Through the use of keywords, descriptions and other tags added in the metadata of your pictures, you can manage and find fast your photos. For example, you can add tags “wedding” and “sister” to your sister’s wedding pictures – now if you look for sister or wedding, you can find these pictures quickly from a collection of thousands of pictures.


It supports all the popular metadata formats for  the pictures like IPTC, EXIF and XMP. As you browse through your picture collection, you can select one or more pictures and then use the metadata sidebar to view, add or edit the various tags. Unlike other similar applications, JPhotoTagger does not have an image viewer of its own. When you double-click on the images in the JPhotoTagger interface, they are opened in your default image viewer.

You can download JPhotoTagger from