Mozilla’s Lightweight Mobile Browser Firefox Rocket is now Firefox Lite

Mozilla has been offering a lightweight web browser Firefox Rocket for developing countries where mobile data plans are very expensive, internet is very slow or many people are still using relatively older Android mobile phones that do not work well with regular browsers that demand more system resources. Earlier Firefox Rocket was available in China, Indonesia, Thailand, India and the Philippines. Now Mozilla has renamed Firefox Rocket into Firefox Lite. There is also rumor that now Firefox Lite will be made available all over the world.

While Firefox Rocket could be installed on Android KitKat 4.4 and above, Firefox Lite does not support Android KitKat. You can install it only on mobile phones running Android 5.0 and above. The basic interface of the web browser remains the same. It still uses the least possible number of system resources and offers the data saving Turbo mode.

Firefox Lite

When you launch Firefox Lite for the very first, it informs you of all the great features it offers –

  • Turbo mode – it helps you browse blazing fast even on the slow internet connections. It uses the trick of hiding all the third-party content on the webpage you are accessing.
  • Screenshot full page – using this feature you can take the screenshot of the entire webpage at a single touch. The screenshot option appears near the bottom-edge of your screen when you access a webpage.
  • Privacy – the privacy features usually found in the private mode are enabled by default – no trace of your activities, blocking of trackers, etc.
  • Saves mobile data – using a number of methods, it can prevent the excessive use of your mobile data, for example, it can block third-party content and you can also block downloading of the images.

Firefox Lite

The user interface of Firefox Lite is designed to be hassle free and easy for everyone. You can access all the features and options simply by touching the menu icon near the bottom-edge of the screen. From here you can access bookmarks, downloads, history, screenshots, toggle turbo mode, enable private mode, toggle night mode, block images, clear cache, etc.

Firefox Rocket is now Firefox Lite, but it is still the same fast and lightweight web browser for mobile devices. It can save mobile data, protect your privacy and can load any website effortlessly even on slow internet connections.

You can download Firefox Lite from