Cent Browser : Chromium Based Portable Web Browser

Cent Browser is a Chromium (open-source) based web browser that provides some extra features that make using the web browsers on a desktop computer much more convenient. At first look, it look exactly like the Chromium web browser, but when you start using it only then you come to know about the added extra features that are very small but can make your life easy over time. For example, it comes with an option to add a QR code button in the address bar using which it can quickly generate a QR code of the URL and then you can scan this code in your mobile phone to open that same URL in your mobile phone’s browser.

It is available as a portable program and does not require any installation on your hard drive, even though they also offer a regular setup installer for Cent Browser. If the regular version of Cent Browser is causing some problem on your PC, then it offers a safe mode that can be run with less features but with more stability. But since it is based on the fast Chromium code, it should run fine on all Windows systems.

Unlike the vanilla Chromium browser that offers the incognito mode only in a separate window, Cent Browser offers this privacy enhanced mode even in a new tab called multi-login tab. The benefit of this is the convenience of accessing two or more than two accounts of the same service in the same window without having to rely on the incognito mode. Cent Browser keeps the data of these tabs separated from the rest of the processes.

Cent Browser

There are many more small features in Cent Browser that can make it very convenient for you to use the web browser in everyday life. For example, pressing Alt when clicking on any image instantly saves it to the default download  folder, using the bosskey (Ctrl + ‘) you can mute all the web browser windows, you can force it to use just one process for all extensions, you can make it purge memory every few minutes, enhanced mouse gestures, super drag actions (drag a link down downloads the target file etc), and many more.

If you spend most of time using your web browser in your Windows PC, then you may find Cent Browser a very convenient and feature rich browser.

You can download Cent Browser from https://www.centbrowser.com/.