Power Mixer : Advanced Volume Mixer for Windows

Rumors are that Microsoft is going to do away with the standard volume mixer control in Windows 10 that shows up when you right-click on the speaker icon in the notification and select “Volume Mixer”. This classic volume mixer in Windows allows you to change the individual volumes of every application that is playing sound in your PC. For example, you can lower the sound coming from Firefox browser, increase the sound coming from VLC media player and mute all other apps etc. According to a Neowin article, Microsoft plans to replace this volume mixer control with the new modern design but not many people are happy with this idea.

If you do not like the modern volume mixer interface, then you can use a third party software from Actual Solutions called Power Mixer. Power Mixer is an advanced Windows volume mixer and can be used as a complete replacement for the standard Windows volume mixer control. In fact, it installs a speaker icon of its own in the system tray and you can right-click on it to see all the options.

Power Mixer

Using the various presets, you can instantly increase the volume of some applications, decrease the volume of other applications or even mute many applications – all at the click of a button. These presets include – evening, games, maximum volume, MP3 music, mute all, mute applications, normalize, Skype and unmute applications. These presets come built-in with Power Mixer.

If you are not happy with the built-in presets, then you can edit them or create your own presets. All this configuration can be done from the main Power Mixer window. In this window, you can select one of the presets, select one of applications from the list and then change its volume or stereo balance from the controls given on the side.

Power Mixer

In the options for Power Mixer, you can create new presets, change the hotkeys to toggling various presets, change system tray icon image, enable controlling volume of any application by using mouse-wheel when mouse cursor is over that application, and schedule the automatic turning on of various presets.

Power Mixer

Power Mixer is a feature loaded volume mixer for Windows and can effectively replace the legacy Microsoft Windows volume mixer.

You can download Power Mixer from https://www.actualsolution.com/power-mixer/.

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