Primo Ramdisk : Create Fast Virtual Storage Drives Using RAM

There was a time in late 1990s when 64MB RAM was considered a really big thing for desktop computers. Almost twenty years later, desktop computers with 16GB RAM are pretty common. If you are not playing computer games or using system resources hungry applications that demand a large share of the physical RAM, you can use it for speeding up your system through the use of ramdisks.

The concept of ramdisks is not new, but developers of Primo Ramdisk have taken it a step ahead through the use of virtual storage drivers. Because of this, it provides many features for the ramdisks. Primo Ramdisk is an innovative solution that accelerates the operation of some applications that demand fast file read/write access in your Windows PC.

Primo Ramdisk supports the creation of up to 128 virtual disks, where each of them is seen by Windows as a traditional drive – physical or logical. The virtual disk can be formatted using standard formatting tools and it have all the Windows supported filesystems – NTFS, FAT, FAT32 or exFAT.

Primo Ramdisk

The user interface of Primo Ramdisk is very straightforward. You can create, delete, edit or reinitialize any of the ramdisks using the toolbar. If you want, then you can also export the contents of the virtual disks to an image file. Later, you can import the contents into a ramdisk through this saved file.

These ramdisks are created in a portion of the RAM which is volatile by nature, which means that contents are lost at system shutdown. But Primo Ramdisk restores the contents of these virtual ramdisks at every Windows startup unless you reinitialize or remove these ramdisks yourself.

Primo Ramdisk is available in four editions – standard, professional, ultimate and server edition. All of these editions have some basic ramdisk creation features but ultimate and professional editions come with with extra features.

You can download Primo Ramdisk from