Monitor System Resources Load Status in Windows with myResources

Whether it is your car or motorbike, you have various gauges to indicate the status of your vehicle – speed, fuel, distance traveled and more. But in a typical Windows PC, you get only a battery indicator in the system tray. If you want to add more of these indicators, then you can use the freeware tool myResources.

myResources can display the load status of various system resources in the notification area of Windows. It can display the disk usage, network usage, RAM usage and CPU consumption in the system tray. It displays all of these in terms of colored squares as the icons – these icons change color to green, orange or red depending on the load status. For example, if CPU load is less than 50% than it will be green, if it is 50-80% then it will be orange, but if it is more than 80% then it will be red. If you hover your mouse pointer over these icons then you will be shown the actual usage percentage.


In addition to the notification area icons, myResources also displays a small floating toolbar on the desktop. This toolbar shows the same icons D, C, M for disk, CPU and memory usage respectively. You can right-click on this toolbar to access the options menu from where you can change the icon color settings and choose to display the real-time graphs for disk access, CPU usage, RAM usage and network access. You can also kill some of the processes running on your PC to free up the system resources.


These four graphs display the current status of the system resources and are updated every second. You can drag these graphs around on your screen and resize them. These graphs always stay on top of all the other windows and provide an easy way to see how and when the system resources consumption goes up and down.


myResources is a small tool for keeping you always informed about the status of the system resources of your Windows computer. Using this tool, you can easily prevent the processes that hog up all the system resources and make it unresponsive.

You can download myResources from