Privacy Drive : Keep Sensitive Files in Encrypted Virtual Drives

Everyone has a few private files that they want to keep under lock and key. If these files of private nature fall in the wrong hands it may create a chaos in your life. For this reason, Microsoft Windows offers a built-in encryption tool called BitLocker but it is not available for all the editions of Windows such as Windows Home edition. If you want a secure way to keep your sensitive files out-of-reach from everyone else with really strong encryption, then you can use Privacy Drive.

Privacy Drive is an easy-to-use data encryption tool. The application creates one or more virtual drives in which you can safely store your private data, including videos, music, documents, etc. These virtual drives are encrypted using very strong industry level encryption.

Privacy Drive

When you launch Privacy Drive, it offers options to create, open and mount the virtual drives (virtual volumes) for creation of new virtual drives, for opening and modifying the configuration of already existing virtual drives, and for mounting these virtual drives so that you can use them in Windows File  Explorer just like any other hard drive volume. It must be noted that without supplying the correct password for these virtual drives, nobody can view or read their contents.

Privacy Drives uses on-the-fly encryption technology which means that all the files you copy to the virtual drives are automatically encrypted in real time. This saves user’s time as you do not have to specifically encrypt every single file – all the files are always encrypted as soon as they are created inside these virtual drives. It uses AES 128 bit or 256 bit encryption and this setting can be changes from Privacy Drive interface.

Privacy Drive

These encrypted volumes or drives are saved in form of files on your hard drives. If you want, you can share copy or transfer these entire virtual volumes to email, to backup or to cloud storage. You can then open these virtual drives on any other computer using Privacy Drive and mount them to see their contents.

Privacy Drive is a highly secure encryption software that makes it easy for everyone to protect their private documents. It uses very strong AES 256-bit cipher and can be used in all versions of Windows from Vista to 10.

You can download Privacy Drive from