Sizer for Windows : Size Any Window to Desired Size

Some applications do not allow to be resize using the usual Windows controls. Some other programs have windows either two small or too big that make using them an impossible task. If you want to resize these windows quickly without having to manually resize them, then you can use the freeware Sizer tool. It allows you to instantly resize any window into pre-specified dimensions such as 640×480 or 800×600. It is also great tool if you want to capture the screenshots of a Windows application in particular dimensions so that it looks good on your blog or website.

Sizer comes both as a setup installer and also as a portable application. In either case, it installs an icon in the notification area of Windows taskbar. You can double-click on this icon to configure the various options. Among the options, you can configure the menu that is displayed for resizing the windows – you can add, edit, or delete various pre-specified dimensions, you can categorize them in your own way and choose which sub-categories appear expanded.


Other options include the setting of the hotkey (Ctrl+Win+Z by default), choose to run it in the safe mode, make it compensate for Desktop Windows Manager effects and more. You can also save the configuration settings to a file and reload them later when desired. Saving the configurations to a file helps you quickly switch from one to another configuration.


When you want to resize a window, you simple have to use the hotkey (Ctrl+Win+Z) and you will see a menu from where you can select the size you want. You can select popular dimensions, dimensions for various screen ratios, and dimensions for various resolutions of videos. Even the applications that have fixed window (it does not allow to be resized) can be resized using this tool.


Not many Windows users will find Sizer useful as not everyone bothers to resize windows. But the ones who find Sizer useful are going to find it very productive and a time saver.

You can download Sizer from