Readerware : Manage Catalogs of Books, Videos and Music

There are hundreds of books, music albums and movies that I have bought over the past many years, that now I am running out of the storage space. Sometimes I have to give away the older movies or music records in order to make space for the new ones. In order to manage a large number of collections of books, videos or music records, you can use the Readerware software. It is far much better than using an Excel file to keep a catalog of your collections.

Readerware is specially designed to manage the catalog of books, videos and music. It is as good as the programs used by librarians in large libraries like that of a university. The program is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit version of Windows. There is no portable version available. Just after the installation, three shortcuts appear on the desktop offering access to the above categories – Readerware Books, Readerware Music, Readerware Videos.


No matter what kind of catalog or collection you want to manage, it offers a very detailed description to be added for each item. For example, in the case of adding books, you can add titles, authors, ISBN number, bar codes, year, publisher, and much more. All of this information can later be used to search for the books. You can also view the books catalog ordered by names of authors, by year or by the titles. Similarly, when you ad videos or music records, you are asked for the detailed information. You can also add pictures of books, music records or movies but you can skip adding them if you do not have any.

Readerware supports adding new items using the drag-and-drop method. The program’s interface at first glance may seem complicated, but as you continue to use it you will familiarize yourself with all the functions and after some time it will become easier.

You can download Readerware from