ShareX : Feature-Rich Screenshot Capture Tool for Windows

ShareX is a very powerful and feature loaded screenshot capture software for Windows. It is an open-source software and does not contain any adware or bloatware. As you install it in your Windows PC, it places an icon in the notification area of Windows desktop from where you can access it anytime you want.

When you click on the ShareX icon in the notification area, it switched into the screen selection mode – now you can drag your mouse cursor to select a rectangular region on the screen (if you just click on the screen, it selects the whole screen). Merely by selecting the region will result in screenshot capture which is saved in the ShareX window.

Apart from manually capturing the screen, ShareX also offers an automatic screen capture feature. Using this automatic mode, you can make ShareX take the screenshots regularly at pre-specified times or intervals. This is great if you want to capture something that appears on your screen only for a fraction of a second.


However when you right-click on the ShareX icon, it will display a very large menu complete with all different possible types of screen captures – capture fullscreen, select monitor (if you have multiple monitors connected), capture window, capture region, capture webpage, text capture etc. There are options to record the screen activity into a video file or a GIF animation.

For all the screenshots captures through ShareX, you get the option to upload them to various online sharing sites. The image files can be shared on sites such as Imgur, ImageShack, TinyPic, Flickr etc., at the click of a button. Similarly, the text captures (OCR capture) can be uploaded to PasteBin, HasteBin etc. It supports almost all the cloud services including Google, OneDrive, Amazon and more.


The best feature of ShareX is that it comes with all the tools that anybody would need for editing and annotating the screen captures. Using the ShareX image editor, you can add arrows, lines, draw figures, add text and emojis on the screenshots. All the bloggers and technical writers will love this open-source screen capture software.

You can download ShareX from