5KPlayer : UHD Media Player with DLNA and AirPlay Support

If your media player is unable to play the ultra high definition (UHD) videos properly and you are experiencing skipped frames or glitching audio, then you should give 5KPlayer a chance. This media player is able to play UHD videos flawlessly without putting any stress at your system’s resources. It is free and supports playing all kinds of popular video formats. Moreover, it has support for DLNA and AirPlay that you can use even in your Windows PC.

DLNA certified devices can receive video over the wireless networks from a DLNA supporting media server. In this case, you can use 5KPlayer as the media server and stream videos over to devices such as your smart TV. Since 5KPlayer is an excellent media manager, you can fire up 5KPlayer in your Windows PC or Mac and stream the videos over to your large screen TV to enjoy it in full HD.


AirPlay is a technology developed by Apple and using it you can wirelessly stream media from AirPlay supporting software to AirPlay supporting devices such as smart TV, Bluetooth speakers, etc. 5KPlayer support AirPlay and therefore, you can stream any video or music file from your library to any AirPlay supporting TV or speakers. Since it has a built-in AirPlay Receiver, it can receive media files from Apple devices as well and save them in the library on your PC.

5KPlayer combines a number of features for easily managing your media library. For all of your media files, it displays a thumbnail, file size, video resolution and the total run time. The user interface of media library looks modern like that of Windows Media Player.


This media player is not only able to play videos of smaller resolutions, but it supports UHD videos as well which covers videos of up to 4K resolutions. You can enjoy DVD movies, Blu-ray movies and the 4K video files downloaded from the internet on the 5KPlayer.

You can download 5KPlayer from https://www.5kplayer.com/.