Change All File Dates in a Folder with Wolftime Software

When you are getting ready to publish your documents, files or software online, you must ensure that the file dates are all in order. If you publish files with older dates then some systems or programs might not process them like they are supposed to. For reasons like this, you may have to modify the file dates including the creation date, last access date and the last modified date. You can change the dates manually using Windows PowerShell, or you can use a tool called Wolftime Software that allows you to change the date and time of files to be your own custom values.

Wolftime Software is a very simple tool designed using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. As such, you should have Visual Basic runtimes installed in your Windows PC before you can run it. You can download Visual Basic 6.0 runtimes from Microsoft’s website at


In the Wolftime Software user interface, you have to specify three things – the full path of the folder, files of which are going to have new date and time, the new date and the new time. There are no selection buttons for these – you have to enter the folder path, date and the time manually. The date should be entered in the format and the time should be entered in the format

After this, you can choose to change the dates for all the files inside the selected folder by clicking on the Change the date of all the files in the folder button. You can also change the dates for all the subfolders inside the selected folder by clicking on the Change the date of all the subfolders in the folder button.

With Wolftime Software you can not only adjust the creation, modified and access date of folders and files, but also the time. It is a useful and time saving solution when you are trying to manipulate the date and time of a large number of files or folders.

You can download Wolftime Software from


  1. Cool Programm thank you very much! I was looking for a Software that changes Folder and file date info because I needed to manipulate it on employers Laptop…

    Very recommendable. And it is free too.

  2. Very usefull software. Thank you!

    I often needed this functionality and now I know a good tool for that…

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