Auto-Update Old Programs & Install New Ones with IObit Software Updater

Keeping your operating system and other software up-to-date is a simple way to improve your computer’s security. This is because the new versions of the software are usually free of the vulnerabilities that exist in the older versions. With lesser vulnerabilities in the operating system and other programs, you are less likely to fall prey to hack attacks and malware infections. And keeping everything up-to-date is extremely easy with the help of software managers like IObit Software Updater.

IObit Software Updater is a free application for Windows that can automatically update many of the popular applications installed on your Windows PC. Furthermore, you can also manually update these programs as well as install new programs without having to manually download them from their websites.

When launched, it takes no time in detecting the installed software and shows them split in two categories – outdated and up-to-date software. For the outdated software, you can click on the Update button and let it download new versions for the update. You can also select all the outdated software and click on the large Update Now button to update all of them at once.

IObit Software Updater

If you want to install some of the very common software on your Windows PC, then you can also find it from the Software Updater interface. The list contains many of the popular software like Adobe Air, Avira Antivirus, GIMP etc. Not to mention all the IObit software is also available for download through this list. All of these programs can be sorted through categories – browsers, security, social, multimedia, run-times, utilities and tools.

IObit Software Updater

If you have become fond of a certain version of a software and do not want it to be updated to a new version, then you can add that program to the ignore list in the Software Updater settings. Once added to this list, Software Updater won’t update it and won’t show any notifications pertaining to the available updates for that ignored software.

IObit Software Updater

IObit Software Updater is all you need to keep your programs updated and for quickly installing many new and useful software. It is a very time saving and productive software for all Windows users.

You can download IObit Software Updater from