Audacious : Music Player with Advanced Features

After the slow demise of Winamp a decade ago, Windows users reluctantly but gradually switched to other audio players. XMMS, the well known audio player from the Linux world, slowly started to provide Windows users an alternative. Pretty soon many forks of XMMS were available for Windows like XMPlayer that tries to imitate Winamp as much as possible. Thanks to many generations of open-source developers, today we have advanced music players like Audacious, another audio player based on XMMS.

Just like XMPlayer, Audacious is also portable and very small in size. While XMPlayer is a basic audio player, Audacious comes with tons of features that can bring smile to any serious music lover. In its compact user interface, it packs many features for your smooth listening pleasure.

Audacious allows you to create new playlist, import playlist, export playlists and modify them. It supports many different types of playlists, for example, XML, M3U, PLS, ASXv3 and Audacious playlists (AUDPL). If the playlist contains duplicate files or unavailable files, then it can quickly check and remove them.

Audacious Audio Player

Audacious not only provides with the regular playback options (play, stop, pause, previous and next) but it also gives you other advanced controls such as shuffle, repeat, shuffle by album, no playlist advance, stop after a song, jump to a specific time, jump to a song, repeat playback between two points in a song etc.

In addition to playing local audio files, you can use Audacious to listen to audio CDs and online resources of music. In the default configuration the lyrics and song information plugins are not enabled, but once these plugins are enabled, you can receive a wealth of information about the tracks you are playing such as year of publication, album art, and lyrics. Also an equalizer is available to optimize the sound.

Audacious, like other XMMS descendants, uses minimal of the system resources while providing great performance and tons of features. If you are a music lover then you must give this audio player a try.

You can download Audacious from