Automatically Update Drivers and Software with AVG Driver Updater

When you first install Windows on your PC, you get the latest version of all the drivers perhaps downloaded from the internet or from the CD that accompanies the motherboard. But as time passes, these drivers become older as newer versions become available. If you want to get the latest drivers for your system, you have to manually visit the support websites of these manufacturers and download the appropriate drivers that work on your system. But if you do not want to waste your time in doing everything yourself, then you can use AVG Driver Updater.

Designed by the same people as the popular AVG Antivirus, this software can automatically find all the outdated device driver software on your PC. According to AVG, it can detect more than 127,000 drivers on Windows computers. When first launched, it detects your system hardware profile (OS, motherboard, CPU, RAM etc). Clicking on the Start Scan button will display all the outdated drivers on your PC.

AVG Driver Updater

You can then select all the device drivers that you would want to download and update. Clicking on the Update Selected Drivers will start the downloading of those drivers. But since it is a “Free scan” software, you can only scan for free. When you reach the download stage, it will ask you to register for annual subscription in order for the downloads to finish.

AVG Driver Updater

It keeps running in the notification area and shows alerts about any updates to various device drivers. If you have already registered the software, you can quickly choose to download and update those device drivers right from the notification area.

AVG Driver Updater

AVG Driver Updater is a trustworthy software for automatically downloading and installing latest device drivers in your Windows PC. However, it is not free and requires annual subscription for downloads to finish.

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  1. I have paid for this updater & spent hours trying to istall it. Nothing happens. so I guess I have lost my money. Disappointed in AVG VERY. as I trusted them

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