Crypt It : File and Text Encryption Utility

People encrypt their files for a number of reasons – to hide sensitive data or to protect it from reaching the hands of potential hackers. If you ever need to encrypt your files, then you do not have to go for the big, bloated and expensive software suites. You can use something like Crypt It that is both free and simple. Crypt It is a free software for Windows users and allows you to encrypt text strings and files. It uses the powerful AES cipher which is virtually impossible to break in the foreseeable future.

The user interface of Crypt It is designed to work for both the text encryption and the file encryption. You have to select the option whether you want to encrypt text strings or files. Depending on your selection, you can either add files to the list or type in the text that you want to encrypt. Similarly there is an option whether you want to encrypt the source or whether you want to decrypt it.

Crypt It

When you are encrypting files or text strings, you are asked to supply an encryption password. After the encryption files are placed in the specified output folder. The encrypted files are renamed with an .AES file extension. These files can later be decrypted using in the same manner – only this time you have to select decryption for the action.

Crypt It

Encryption and decryption of the text strings is even simpler. You can type in the source string, supply the encryption password and it will display the encrypted string in the lower text box. You can copy the encrypted text to the clipboard for using it anywhere you wish, such as in email messages.

Crypt It

Crypt It is a portable little file encryption tool that uses powerful AES cipher. The author claims to use the exact original AES code without any modification. It also features come command line options but they are used only to pre-select some of the options in the GUI.

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