Biniware Run : Tiny App Launcher for Windows

Accessing your favorite programs, websites bookmarks and folders was much easier in the older days when Windows XP was still popular and supported by Microsoft. In Windows 10, everything seems to be very confusing and accessing the bookmarks or shortcuts has become a very difficult task. If you want to bring back the original ease of the older versions of Microsoft Windows, then you can use a tiny app launcher for Windows called Biniware Run.

Biniware Run is a small and portable utility that can help you quickly access all of your favorite files, folders, programs and other shortcuts. It is like having your own mini Start menu of yourself. When you first launch it, it shows a small red circle near the top-edge of your screen. You can right-click on this circle and select Configure to add your shortcuts.

Biniware Run

In the Biniware Run configuration window, you can add new shortcuts, add files or folders or arrange them in a particular order. For each of the shortcuts, you can add a name, a target, parameters and even specify whether the program is to be run with administrator privileges. You can drag-n-drop programs or files in the placeholders for new shortcuts to automatically fill all the details. All the shortcuts are automatically saved without having to click on any buttons.

Biniware Run

After you have added your files, folders or other shortcuts, you can close the configuration window and now you are ready to access your newly added shortcuts. You can click on the circle icon being displayed near the top-edge of your screen and it will display a drop-down menu from where you can select your favorite shortcuts. If you want, then you can drag this circle icon any where on your screen where you feel comfortable.

Biniware Run

Biniware Run is a very productive and time saving utility for all Windows users. Using it, you can keep all the shortcuts to your favorite websites, programs, files and folders in a single easy to access place.

Biniware Run can be downloaded from