Create Backup of Files Easily with Karen’s Replicator

Karen’s Replicator is a simple backup tool for Windows that is able to copy files from one folder to another at a specified scheduled time. It can be used to backup your files, folders or entire drives. The program has a small but rich user interface through which you can create new backup jobs and schedule them. It is ideal for basic file backup operations as it does not support differential backups or archived backups.

After the installation of Karen’s Replicator, you have to create one or more backup jobs. For this, you can launch Replicator and click on the Edit Settings button. This will open a new window from where you can create new backup jobs. Basically, you have to supply the job name, source folder and the destination folder. For advanced options, you can choose the job schedule, and add file filters for the backup. You can also decide whether older copies of files are to be deleted, source files are to be deleted, and more.

Karen's Replicator

Newly created jobs will appear in a list of the main Karen’s Replicator window. You can select to run these jobs right away or let the scheduled timer hit the jobs on its own. You can create a shortcut to these jobs on the Windows desktop, so that you can manually run these jobs whenever you want from the desktop itself. For each of the jobs, you can see when it was run the last time, history of files copied for the selected job, and the grand total of files copied for all the jobs.

Karen's Replicator

Conclusion: Karen’s Replicator is ideal for basic file backup operations because it does not archive the files and just copied them from the source to the destination. Destination is also limited to a folder on the local computer or a network computer. It does not support cloud storage or FTP servers.

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