How to Clone Apps in Android with NoxApp+

Everyone knows that you can install only one instance of an app in Android. For example, you cannot install Chrome browser or Facebook app in two different places. Furthermore, there is nothing like portable apps for regular users as you may have in other operating systems like Windows or Linux. However, many Android smartphone manufacturers have recently started to add dual-account feature using which you can use the same app with two accounts simultaneously, e.g, you can use Twitter app with two Twitter accounts at the same time without installing any additional apps.

If your smartphone does not have this feature, then you can easily add this dual-account feature using a free app for Android called NoxApp+. This app allows you to “clone” apps in Android allowing you to run many supported apps in parallel so that you can access different accounts through them.

NoxApp+ interface displays a space holder for cloned apps where you can add all the apps that you wish to be cloned. You can tap on the “plus” icon to choose an app from the list of all the supported apps. Even though it displays a list of all the installed apps from your smartphone, not all these apps can be cloned. It is because of the different sets of permissions required by all these apps.


Once an app has been added, you can launch it through NoxApp+ and it will open in a parallel memory space ignoring all the settings and data stored for the original app. This way, you can add, launch and use all of your apps to access multiple accounts.

NoxApp+ uses extra memory for launching the apps in parallel and therefore it won’t work on phones with less than 3GB RAM. For better performance, your phone should also have a better processor. We tried it on our older Motorola with just 1GB RAM and it failed to launch the apps. But on a newer Samsung Galaxy with 3GB RAM, it worked.

You can download NoxApp+ app for Android from