Edit Audio File Tags Quickly with Kid3 Audio Tagger

Most of the audio file formats include a special data section inside the file called metadata that keeps some information about the media. For example, the MP3 files use ID2 and ID3 metadata that can contain the music title, composer, album, release year, album image, comments and more about the music contained inside the MP3 files. This information is displayed on your screen when you play them in your smartphones or in a media player app in your computer. Using the open-source program Kid3 Audio Tagger you can edit and add this metadata for a number of audio file formats.

Kid3 Audio Tagger supports a large number of audio file formats such as MP3, OGG, FLAC, MPC, MP4, AAC, MP2, Speex, TrueAudio, WavPack, WMA, WAV and AIFF.. In addition to editing and adding the metadata, it also works as a portable audio file player. This program is available for all the popular desktop platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Kid3 Audio Tagger

Using Kid3 is very easy despite the extensive set of features that it supports. You begin by adding either an individual audio file to Kid3. Audio files can be imported both traditionally using the manager as well as by drag-n-drop methods. If you want to work with a large number of audio files, then you can also add an entire folder containing many audio files. Once files have been added, you can select them one-by-one and it will display the metadata tags supported for that file format. You can edit the metadata, add new metadata and save the changes. It displays the file in red color, if the metadata added in the file is in wrong format. In the tag information, it displays the invalid data field in the red color so that you can quickly and easily correct the wrong format of the data.

If you have files without any metadata or with wrong or suspicious metadata, then there are two ways you can fill in your tags for the audio files – Kid3 can generate tags from the names or it can import correct data from online services like gnudb.org, TrackType.org, MusicBrainz, Discogs etc. Conversely, it is also able to rename files based on the information contained in the tags.

You can download Kid3 Audio Tagger from https://kid3.sourceforge.io/.