JunctionMaster : Move and Link Folders Easily in Windows

These days many of the PC owners are following a very unique trend – they use a solid state drive for installing the operating system but also use a hard disk drive for storing less often used data. This way they get the best of the both worlds – faster booting operating system and multiple terabytes of storage space. But since a SSD is usually limited in storage space, you have to install space demanding software on the hard drive in this arrangement. If you have already installed software on one drive and want to move all the files to another drive without breaking the software installation, then you can use JunctionMaster.

JunctionMaster is a software that can move the files of a folder to another folder (located on another drive) and at the same time create a symbolic link of the new folder back to the old folder. Overall effect of this maneuver is that your files are moved to another drive without affecting any program shortcuts. You can access the same files from both the old and the new folders. The old folder simply points to the new folder internally.


After installing JunctionMaster, you can simply right-click on a folder that you want to move and select Move an then Link folder to... This will open a small dialog box where you have to select the new folder where you are moving the files. After this, you can click on the Move and Link button. This is all that is needed. Now old folder becomes a symbolic link to the new folder and all the files are moved to the new folder.


In case you want to remove the symbolic link (old folder), you should not manually delete it because doing so will delete both the folders. For this JunctionMaster provides a tool using which you can find all the symbolic links in a folder and allows you to remove all the links safely.


JunctionMaster is a very easy to use tool for moving and links folders in Windows. It is very useful tool for the people who want to move software installations to a secondary drive.

You can download JunctionMaster from https://bitsum.com/portfolio/junctionmaster/.