How to Turn Android Smartphone into AirHorn

Be it a friend’s party or the final match of your favorite teams, you can enhance the enjoyment by using a simple blow-horn or air-horn. As soon as your team scores, you can blow your horn to irritate the supporters of the opposite team to show who is the loser. And at parties, you can instantly become the center of everyone’s attention if you keep blowing your horn every time someone makes a remark about you. For this, usually you have to carry a compressed air horn that plays very loud, but not if you have an Android smartphone.

Android smartphone owners can just install an app called “Air Horn” to turn their harmless mobile phone into a jarring air horn. This app is one of the simplest apps that anyone has ever produced. It has just one button in the center with the air horn graphic. Nobody needs any hint that they have to tap on this button to make the loud air-horn sound.

Air Horn for Android

In the settings of the app, there is only one option that you can select and that is to enable the vibration. This option might seem pointless at first – why would you want the phone to vibrate when it is making loud air-horn sound? But it is for the next level of pranksters. Since the smartphone speaker is not able to make very loud noise, you can connect your smartphone to large external speakers either wired or wireless. And when you are causing pain in the ears of your neighbors wirelessly from far away, you need that vibration to know that it is making the terrible sound.

Air Horn, a simple app for Android, can turn your smartphone into a big loud air horn. It plays loud sound and keeps playing it as long as you have your finger on the air horn graphic. This is an excellent app for all the pranksters out there.

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