Wondershare Christmas Giveaway 2018 : iPad Pro and iPhone X to be Won

Christmas is only a couple of weeks away and everyone is busy shopping for the gifts for their loved ones. Wouldn’t it be nice if you get gifts all through the Advent calendar? Wondershare is celebrating the festive season by organizing free giveaways every single day from the 12th of December 2018 to the 25th of December 2018.

Wondershare is a software company that is well known to develop very useful software like dr.fone for recovering files on your Android smartphones. or pdfelement for creating and editing PDF documents. This year, Wondershare is giving away free stuff every single day starting from 12th December.

Every single day you will be able to unlock one gift for yourself. For this, you simply have to visit the Wondershare website and click on the Unlock Today’s Gift button. This will display what kind of gift is being offered for you that day. We tried it once and received a 30% discount on Wondershare pdfelement software.

Wondershare Christmas 2018

But if you are a lucky participant then you can win many expensive gifts too, such as an Apple iPhone X, Apple iPad Pro or Amazon gift cards ranging from US$ 5 to US$ 200. It is not clear how many iPhone and iPad  are available for gifts. The surprise gifts are displayed only after you unlock your daily gift on the Wondershare website. The Amazon gift cards are not physical cards, but only a code will be emailed to you and you can add this code in your Amazon account. Upon successful addition of the code to your Amazon account, the money will be added to your Amazon account and you will be able to use it for shopping anything you want.

You can participate in this Christmas giveaway activity by visiting https://pdf.wondershare.com/contest/advent-calendar-2018.html